Neil Perk

MBA (McGill), BSc (UVic), PGeo

PARTNER, vice President & CFO

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Darcy Baker

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Neil first joined Equity in 2005 as a summer student and progressed quickly into the role of Project Geologist after graduating from the University of Victoria. In 2010, he took a brief departure from technical geology to focus on the financial aspect of mineral exploration by completing an MBA in Montreal. After working as an associate with the Global Metals and Mining team at BMO Capital Markets, Neil returned to Equity to assume the role of Vice President.

Having developed a first-hand understanding of the exploration industry and solid business acumen, Neil is the primary driver of Equity’s business functions. As his responsibility has grown over the years, Neil has remained a leading advocate of the friendly and collaborative workplace culture inherent with Equity’s core values.

Significant Projects

wernecke Project, YUKON CANADA

Played integral role in an extensice U focused IOCG exploration program ($7.2 million budget) in the Wernecke Mountains consisting of prospecting, mapping, drill-target planning and execution.


Project management on a 12,000 m ($3.9 million budget) resource definition diamond drill program of a Cu-Mo porphyry which led to a 557 Mt calculated resource.

detour trend project, quebec canada

Project management of over 50,000 m of exploration drilling, geophysical surveys and geochemical sampling on an orogenic Au system along the Sunday/Detour Lake deformation zone in the Abitibi greenstone belt.

Pito deep project, southern east pacific rise

Detailed petrological and geochemical study of primitive gabbros collected from the sea floor at Pito Deep, Southern East Pacific Rise. My research had strong implications for the formation of lower oceanic crust at fast-spreading mid-ocean ridges, resulting in a publication.

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