Leigh Van Drecht

BSc (Dalhousie), MSc (Memorial), GIT

project geologist

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Fernando Costa

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Leigh joined Equity in 2022 after completing her MSc which focused on detrital zircon geochronology and isotope geochemistry in the Yukon. With Equity, Leigh has worked on field projects looking at magmatic-hydrothermal deposits in Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, and British Columbia. Prior to joining Equity, Leigh gained experience across Canada in a range of positions, including exploration drilling in British Columbia, excavation of Canada’s oldest dinosaurs in Nova Scotia, glacial terrane mapping in New Brunswick, and managing two-person fly camps in remote regions of the Yukon.

Leigh’s adaptability, passion for geology, and calm demeanor allow her to integrate easily into teams and navigate dynamic jobs. 

Significant Projects

Red top Project, arizona, usa

Managed drill rig and core shack during fast paced greenfields exploration program. Co-wrote technical report.

south bullfrog Project, nevada, usa

Co-managed surface program and managed pre-drill program logistics.

FLAT Project, alaska, usa

Part of the exploration team during a relog program and co-wrote reports.

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