karl mCnamara

BSc (Curtin), MAIG (Professional Geologist)

project geologist

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Karl McNamara

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Prior to joining Equity, Karl spent several years in supervisory roles on gold and iron ore drilling programs in Australia. After moving to Canada, Karl joined Equity in 2016 as a lead core logging geologist before taking on the role of Project Geologist on a permanent basis in 2018.

Having gained eight years of progressive experience across a variety of deposit types and multifaceted exploration programs, Karl is helping to push the capacity of Equity to add value to projects both in Canada and overseas. With Equity, Karl has worked on exploration programs in northern BC, Ontario, Finland and northern Brazil.

Significant Projects

ballart underground gold mine, victoria, australia

Target generation, drill hole planning, geological logging and 3D l interpretation of diamond drill core in a slate hosted, narrow vein gold system. Role included supervision of drilling and interpretation that gave rise to the discovery of Mako Upper orebody.

boddington gold mine, boddington, western australia

Mine geologist at a structurally-controlled, intrusion-related, Archean Au-Cu Boddington deposit. Supervision of blasthole and RC drilling program for grade control and resource modelling. Responsible for drill hole design, logging, grade control modelling and 3D geological interpretation.

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