aaron hantsche

BSc, (Texas), MSc (Colorado),PhD (Geneva) 

project geologist

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Fernando Costa

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Aaron began working with Equity in 2022 after obtaining his PhD studying magmatic-hydrothermal skarn and ore formation. Always keen to get his hands on the rocks, Aaron combines a mineral systems approach with tried-and-true field methods to get the most out of each project. He has experience working with geochemical exploration of magmatic-hydrothermal systems throughout the south-central United States, Alaska, Bulgaria, and Yukon.

Aaron’s experiences in industry and academia have given him a knack for project management, adaptability, and team communication – making him a valuable addition to dynamic exploration projects

Significant Projects

south bullfrog Project, nevada, usa

Co-managed surface program and managed pre-drill program logistics.

FLAT Project, alaska, usa

Part of the exploration team during a relog program and co-wrote reports.

Madan, Bulgaria

PhD focusing on distal skarn formation associated with base metal mineralization (Pb-Zn-Ag). Applied geochemical vectoring patterns in new geologic settings to model skarn formation and proximal mineralization at the district scale.

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