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The Equity Way

We have been analyzing, designing and executing advanced-stage mineral exploration projects for over 30 years. Our adaptive management and streamlined process enable our teams to rapidly scale up, minimizing capital cost and maximizing your exploration potential.



The Equity Way

Project planning requires the thorough analysis of existing property data and project characteristics. Effective project planning is vital in order to design the appropriate work program, detailed budget and schedule to meet client objectives. Depending on the services required, this stage may include data compilation and interpretation, risk analysis, identification and engagement of project stakeholders, project permitting, analysis of regulatory requirements and logistical constraints.

  • Project Evaluation
  • Permitting
  • Data Compilation / Interpretation
  • Exploration Program Design
  • Contractor Procurement
  • Camp Design

We believe that the success of a project can ultimately be traced back to the manner in which it was approached. Beyond a detailed work plan, we have become specialists in developing our project teams to manage the unique technical complexities and logistical challenges that each new project brings. Our risk assessment process allows us to adapt our health, safety, environmental and quality management plans and procedures to assume responsibility for the success of the exploration program.

  • Exploration Targeting
  • Drill Program Management
  • Remote Logistics & Camps
  • Budget Control & Management
  • Community / Regulatory Engagement
  • Develop Project Teams
  • Health & Safety Management

Although our team is built around specialised skill sets with diverse experience, we all share a hands-on approach to project management and execution. We believe in a proactive management style and value the ability to make the correct decisions with composure and confidence. We process information in real time, and with effective communication can re-evaluate the direction of a project to maximize the client’s investment and better meet their objectives.

  • Data Management
  • GIS
  • Geochemistry Database
  • Technical Reporting
  • 3D Geological Modeling

To close out a project we take pride in delivering quality technical reports and clean data compilations. We also understand the power of a trustworthy reputation. When we work with clients who share our values, standards and approach to mineral exploration, we want to do so again.

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