Our Values

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Our Values

In every exploration project we’ve managed in the past 30 years, our goal has been to provide the best return on our clients’ investment by delivering projects on time and under budget. Of equal importance to us is the commitment we make to our employees, clients and project stakeholders that all work will be carried out in line with our core Equity values. As a values-driven group, we seek to:

  • Provide a service that ensures our clients’ project objectives are met and delivered in a professional manner.
  • Develop technical quality performance goals and promote a system of continuous improvement amongst employees.
  • Maintain a strong safety-focused culture where employees take ownership of their own safety along with the safety of others.
  • Enhance the success of individual projects by using risk management tools to identify, analyze and manage project risks from the planning stage through to project delivery.
  • Be proactive in our communication and engagement with both project and community stakeholders as required throughout the entire duration of a project.
  • Minimize the impact of project activities to the environment and natural resources under our stewardship.
  • Have a positive impact in the communities in which we operate and leave a positive legacy on completion of a project.
Equity Values

We have actively sought, and been fortunate to build, a team of individuals who share and embrace our core values. Within our team we hold each other accountable to maintain these standards of producing quality technical work, in a safe and harmonious workplace, while also meeting aggressive project timelines. To formalize the commitment we make to our clients and each other within the Equity team, we have developed a number of key policies:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Quality Management Policy
  • Environmental and Engagement Policy
  • Harassment and Workplace Violence Policy

Guided by our core company values and policies, we have developed project management processes to effectively communicate our expectations to individual project teams. These plans, guidelines and project management tools are easily adapted and fine-tuned to meet the unique logistical, regulatory and technical challenges that each new project brings.

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