Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd.

Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd.

Technical Services
Equity provides top-notch geological and logistical services required to effectively manage mineral exploration projects.
  Experience Services
Travel across the globe to see where 25+ years of mineral exploration experience has taken us.
Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd. is made up of an extraordinary group of people. Come meet our talented staff.

We deliver exploration excellence and look out for the needs of our clients first. Through our Turnkey Project Management approach, we provide a range of mineral exploration services from camps to data compilations to emergency response procedures.

Building a highly effective mineral exploration team takes years – and we've been at it since 1987. Our clients gain access to the skills of Equity's full-time staff and large network of associates and contractors with one simple phone call. They also minimize their overhead and maximize the dollars that are spent on the ground.

Over the years we heard our fulltime and contract employees begin to use this phrase. Why? Because our approach is different. The Equity Way is:
  • putting our client's interests before our own
  • taking ownership for what we do
  • working hard, together as a team
  • ensuring that the exploration dollars that our clients work hard to raise are maximized every step of the way
  • working safely and respecting the communities and environments in which we explore
  • striving for improvement

Mineral exploration is full of them. Technical and logistical obstacles are routinely faced by mineral explorers the world over and effectively handling them requires the right approach. When we take a project on we are dedicated to making it work. We oversee all aspects of running a project from hiring field crews to securing permits to detailing the weight of every piece of field equipment to minimize transportation costs. Equity rises to every exploration challenge on behalf of our clients letting them focus on other things.

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